An island that is furthest from the main islands on the Dalmatian coast, much of Vis’ recent history was spent serving as a military base for the Yugoslav National Army, completely closed off from foreign visitors from the the 1950’s-1989. The upside to this? Vis was kept from being developed, essentially erasing the carbon footprint, driving the population to other areas. What this means for us? Vis is pristine, raw, and kept in its most natural forms, and today we bring you sandy beaches, pebbled ones, and even an award winner. Here are the 5 best beaches on Vis.

Top beaches on Vis

Stiniva: Winner of the “best beach in Europe in 2016”, it’s not hard to see why. Stiniva beach is located west of Mala Travna bay. Although not the easiest beach to get to, we’d like to think this one is worth the effort. Once you are on the island Vis you can take a taxi boat from town Rukavac or take a drive on the mainland roads and brave the 30 minute steep climb down to the bay (not as recommended). From the seaside, Stiniva is closed in by two rocky cliffs, at their closest point ranging only 4 meters apart from one another. Between the rocky cliffs lies a small pebble beach, with a small cafe set off to the side. Because Stiniva is surrounded by high cliffs on all sides, at least one half of the bay is always in the shade. Without talking too much, let’s hope the photos do Stiniva some justice.


Srebrna: Srebrna, known to many as the “silver beach”, Srebrna is located in the small tourist town of Rukavac on the southeastern side of the island. Arguably the most popular beach on the island of Vis, Srebrna is also one of the most beautiful. The bay at Srebrna beach is exposed to the open sea and small waves in the winter, giving the pebbles their unique color and formation. Srebrna is a natural and pebble beach, with some rocky areas and shaded pines behind you. This beach has an area for naturists at Bilbok beach, and on the opposite side a beach more suitable for families and children named Tepluš. Even though Srebrna is one of the most popular beaches on the island, beware, you won’t find any water sports or rows or restaurants and cafes. It’s safe to say you should prepare well with food, drinks, and any activities you plan on during your stay.

Stončica: Stončica beach is the first beach you’ll arrive to after leaving town Vis. Located near the lighthouse on the north of the island, Stončica is a sandy beach with sandy bottoms and stunning reefs. The water at this beach is shallow for 30 meters from the shore, making Stončica perfect for families and children. Unlike Stiniva and Srebrna, Stončica has some activities such as beach volleyball, and they boast a snack bar and a few restaurants within the area. Another perk? Stončica is surrounded by thick vegetation, meaning lots of shade!


Smokova: Another sandy beach on the island, Smokova lies on the southeastern shore. Smokova is the second in a series of bays after Stončica, and is a famous destination for boaters and anyone with the love for natural beaches. One super unique thing about this beach is that just 2 meters from the shore, on the eastern part of the bay and about 100 meters from the beach, you’ll find the remains of a World War 11 aircraft wing! Aside from the cool history, Smokova is also shaded by pines a bit deeper inland when you need to escape the sun.


Zaglav: A fifteen minute walk from Milna, this is the kind of beach you dream about. Arguably one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic, Zaglav is a sandy paradise, with extremely light and glistening sand set beneath the shallow waters. There’s even a sanctuary of shade under the thick treetops of pines, located just behind the beach. Not the best place for water sports or beach activities, Zaglav does at least have a restaurant serving up authentic Dalmatian fare. With the lack of facilities and the raw and pure beauty at Zaglav, here you are meant to simply be at peace.